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The Esteem grinder is the creation of Brett Mathews based on industry standards for the 2 by 72 belt grinder.  Brett makes these grinders himself in his own home shop. This gives Brett full control of quality at every point in the construction and assembly. Each grinder is meticulously machined, and built by Brett personally.  Every grinder is put together, wired, and tested in the shop to ensure high quality and function, before being dis-assembled and packaged for shipping.  This gives Brett full control of quality
The Esteem grinder parts are professionally powder coated as a standard, which is much more durable than paint or bare metal.  This coating helps them to endure high humidity environments, extending the life of the grinder.  Cleanup is easier and the look is that much nicer than comparable grinders.


Brett takes as much pride in these grinders as he does with his quality folding knives.  The standards and tolerance level is very high and exacting.  The rewards of this quality are evident in the precise and consistent belt tracking and smooth quiet operation of the grinder. The Esteem is machined with the use of combination both a manual Bridgeport milling machine and CNC milling machine in the home shop.  The platen, drive and tracking wheels are made on a CNC lathe at a local machine shop to a .0005 bore tolerance.
Even with the high standards this grinder is built to, Brett has done everything he can to keep the price in the low range for comparable grinders.  Great quality and a good value are Brett's goals, and he has succeeded on both counts according to the many knife makers who are using the Esteem Grinders in both the professional and hobby environment.


Is it time to upgrade your knife shop to a top quality 2 by 72 belt grinder? Contact Brett to discuss your needs and potential options.


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