Tool Arm and Attachments

All attachments are designed and machined by Brett.  Check out the photos and information below and email any questions you might have.


Custom work rest and small wheel attachment.  The work rest shown above is machined from thick mild steel and is very stable.  The simple design allows for quite a range of position adjustments.  It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on the tool arm.


The small wheel attachment is modeled after the Bader style and accomodates that type of small wheel. This unit is completely anodized for a better look and longer life.



The tooling arm is 1 1/4 square steel at 19 inch length, with tapped mount points on top and side for the work rest.  The holes are drilled and tapped all the way through the arm for versitlity in rest mounting.  The 3/4 inch slotted hole makes for reasonably quick swaping of wheels or platens.  For more serious production you might want to consider multiple tooling arms for your various wheels and platens.


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